Fashion & Design
Italy's magnificence is also naturally reflected in fashion and design.
Since the Middle Ages, Italian designers have been enticing their noble clientele with splendid apparel, and artisans still today produce unique jewelry, perfumes, furniture, wood carving and leather goods, among many other products.
A guided exploration can range from visits to specialized artisanal workshops of up-and-coming artists and world-famous ateliers, touring fashion museums such as those of Ferragamo and Gucci in Florence and taking part in a designer fashion laboratory led by an insider professional.
For those looking for the best of Made in Italy and for those with specific needs, we also provide image consulting and personal shopper services in the most fashionable cities such as Milan, Florence and Rome including special services during the Fashion Weeks and the Milan Furniture Fair/Design Week.
Our guides in this sector are experts who have deep knowledge in the areas of fashion, art, craftsmanship and design.