Rebecca & David Leibowitz

From West Hartford, Connecticut, David, after earning a degree in physics, moved to Italy to teach physics and math at the American School of Milan. His passion for wine, food, the outdoors and his desire to get even closer to Italian culture inspired him to study Piedmontese history and culture in Turin and to open his first boutique travel agency: Adventures in Northern Italy.

Milan born, with her mother from Veneto and her father of Piedmontese and Sicilian origins, Rebecca had the good fortune of discovering this magnificent country when she was a kid. After a degree in Classic Studies, her love for Glottology and Semitic Philology brought her to Israel, where she deepened her knowledge of Biblical Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

During a summer vacation in Italy, Rebecca's meeting with David in Milan deeply changed her life: the best shidduch ever! And she couldn't believe how much the Connecticut native knew of her land of origin.

Since then, Rebecca and David have been busy helping travelers enjoy the Bel Paese from North to South, designing personalized journeys for art and architecture enthusiasts, wine and food lovers, active travelers, and all the curious globe trotters who like to deeply explore Italy and appreciate the Italian lifestyle.

As observant Jews and with a growing family, they realized that exploring Italy was not stress-free and there was a lack of reliable resources. So here the idea to make kosher travel in Italy easy!

Indeed, Rebecca and David's mission is not only to uncover and share all the incredible stories and sites of the Italian-Jewish heritage, but also work side by side with hoteliers and private villa owners to craft memorable Italian journeys that meet all requirements and preferences.