Walking & Biking
Our tours will give you the opportunity to discover everything that Italy has to offer, from the stately piazzas of a former European capital to the intriguing narrow lanes of a forgotten hill town, from historic alpine huts commanding majestic views to serene olive groves quietly nestled between sea and mountain.
It is our experience that walking, hiking, biking and horseback riding are the best ways to really see Italy, to discover its art and culture, to appreciate its culinary excellence (“bontà culinaria”) and especially to meet the locals. On foot, on a bicycle or on horseback, we are able to escape the crowds, who tend to flock to the ‘famous’ sights, and visit a world in which man has succeeded in transforming Nature in harmony with the land, not against it. 

Highlights include visits to national parks as well as less-visited yet still marvelous nature reserves, some even close to major cities: It is astounding how close Lake Como or the Ticino river park are to Milan; even the Alps of Valle d'Aosta - home to Mont Blanc, the highest vineyards in Europe, splendid hamlets and great hiking/skiing terrain - are very easy to reach from the Lombard capital. The walking-into-painting sublime countryside of Chianti and Val d'Orcia is within easy driving distance of Florence. The highest peaks of the Apennines and beautiful Mediterranean coastline are within easy reach of Rome. Naples and Palermo are already situated on the Mediterranean and are themselves not far from from the magnificent islands, volcanoes and isolated frozen-in-time inland areas.

All tours can be customized as best suits individual groups.