Art & Music
Our tours will give you the opportunity to explore what Italy has to offer, from charming hill towns and hidden courtyards to spectacular coastal nature preserves and serene olive groves nestled between sea and mountain. We enjoy wandering among Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins, visiting antique Jewish heritage sites, taking in a jazz concert or an opera festival and participating in intriguing local festivals - including a number of Carnival celebrations that remain largely regional and untouristy. We often remark that 'had this site/event been in any other country', there would lines of visitors from throughout the world, but because Italy is simply over-blessed with unique areas, so many wonderful places remain undiscovered even by nearby native Italians - even within major cities. 

A visitor keen on uncovering the best of Italy from artistic and musical perspectives has several lifetimes of exploration before him. Naturally first-time visitors are enthralled to discover the Palladian villas, the sites of inspiration of Verde and of Paganini, visit splendidly sculpted wine cellars or taken in an opera at La Scala or Torre del Lago, or watching a famous Greek Tragedy in Valley of the Temples in Sicily...

But there is much more than this to uncover. Also from a Jewish perspective: the different origins of the various ancient Jewish populations throughout the country has led to the development of many different customs and marvelous, diverse melodies of the sung prayer repertoire, from Hallel to reading the Torah. Well-worth experiencing a Jewish holiday in Rome, for example, where hymns are claimed to be those originating from the original hymns of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, since many Roman Jews descend directly from those brought over as slaves after 70AD.

All tours can be customized as best suits individual groups.