Food & Wine
A feast for the senses indeed awaits the Jewish-Italian Adventurer, in every season. 

The great geographical and historical diversity of Jewish Italy is also reflected in its cuisine and wines.
It is amazing how so much can change in such a short distance, from one Jewish community to the other - this due to differences of origin of the various communities, arriving from every part of the Mediterranean and beyond, and also due to the natural and political diversity within Italy itself, from one city state to the next. It must be noted that in some areas typical Jewish cuisine is nearly the same as the local gentile one - testiment to the centuries/millennia of Jewish presence in the territory; indeed some now-considered-typical Italian recipes clearly have their origin from the Jewish community - the fried artichoke in Rome being the most obvious example. Non-kosher ingredients were substituted with kosher ones - in the Monferrato, for example, while the gentiles prized their pork salami, local Jews made the same recipes but with goose salami, still today a delicacy of the region.

On our 'eno-gastronomy' - focused tours, you'll be able to select from a myriad of different experiences: a hunt for white and black truffles, kosher wine tastings, tours and tastings at producers of kosher cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino and fresh mozzarella, hazelnut tastings, tours of kosher extravirgin olive oil producion, aged kosher balsamic vinegar, kosher gelato production and tasting and much more. You can learn to cook regional kosher dishes with talented Jewish Italian chefs and be enthralled by the story behind many antique specialties - in addition to appreciating the taste thereof. Kosher cooking classes typically include the preparation of local specialties, such as focaccia in Liguria, grissini in Piemonte, pizza in Amalfi Coast or concia in Rome's Ghetto etc. depending on the season - i.e. October might be the time for a porcini-based class - and of course on your preferences, while August for a superb granita (Italian ice) one. We also visit prominent food fairs such as FICO, the Alba truffle fair etc. All tours can be customized and we can offer you unique experiences such as a tasting dinner on a terrace with breathtaking views of the Venetian canals or an impromptu gourmet picnic amidst the gardens of a Northern Italian lake or along the shores of a Mediterranean island.

Naturally, from the cuisine and wines of an area, it is possible to discover an entire territory. Come explore Italy's marvelous Jewish and kosher eno-gastronomy with us!