There is so much to stimulate our artistic senses in Italy: a crumbling dry stone wall sustaining a terrace of blooming peach trees overlooking the Mediterranean, a Jewish-Roman nonna (grandma) preparing a centuries-old local specialty in the heart of the Roman Ghetto, the splendor of a baroque-rococo synagogue in Piedmont at the foot of the Alps, breathtaking views from the height of the Amalfi Coast and an intriguing look at an ancient mikveh in the former Greek city state of Syracuse... and many, many other images come to mind. On our photography tours, you'll have the opportunity to hone your skills in this spectacular part of the world with a professional photographer, as local guides accompany us on our daily visits and tastings. We limit the group size, in order to better explore the region of travel and so that each participant can receive personal, one-on-one photo instruction.  

From the outdoors to the fashion world, our expert photographers have wide-ranging experience and have had their work showcased in National Geographic and Vanity Fair, among other publications. All tours can be customized as best suits individual groups.