Jewish Heritage
In our Jewish Heritage tours, we uncover the rich millennia of Jewish presence throughout the Italian peninsula, and simultaneously we present the regions where numerous communities have flourished, together with synagogues, arts, theatres, refined literary and music compositions.

The history of Jews in Italy spans over two thousand years, years made of lights and darks, but always thriving of pulsing energy.

To all those who want to know and explore the charming and proud history of Israel's sons in Italy, we dedicate our most passionate commitment with a specific category of tours.

Tours are suitable for families, solo travelers, cultural associations, donors as well as congregations of synagogues.

We take care of every aspect, including: opening closed synagogues and their museums; scheduling opportunities for cultural exchange with the communities, such as Shabbatot; managing meetings with relevant people in the communities; creating musical explorations to know more about the Jewish-Italian musical liturgical tradition, with opera singers and synagogue choirs; we take you to the taverns of the ghetto to discover flavors and tastes proudly preserved through the centuries; we arrange tasting of kosher products and cooking classes with renowned chefs; we organize workshops with eminent Jewish artists.

This and much more, in our special travel itineraries tailored around your interests.

Below you can see some example of tours we have realized in exclusive for associations, synagogues and families wishing to explore Jewish Italy.

Get to know our country and the fascinating past of Jewish who have influenced its history and its culture.